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Design & Build

In severe need of a design overhaul, Chris Doxzen & Associates, LLC was ready to shed their flash animations circa 2002 for a clean look and Washington, DC polished finish. 

Work From Anywhere in IKEA

#Random Project

Having worked remote all over the United States for a number of years, it was time to stretch my wings and work from anywhere in IKEA. After working a full day in the cafeteria with free coffee refills and a reasonable amount of Swedish Meatballs, I let loose in their showroom. What began as a silly gift to co-workers in the #Random room Slack, was shared by the companies Chief Creative Officer and picked up by the Trello Blog.

The Packard

Design & Build

This beautiful 1947 Packard for sale deserved a classy showcase worthy of its time. Emulating magazine ads from the Post War Era in everything from fonts to layouts, this is truly a blast from the past.

Breathe In, Venture Out

Design & Build
Labor of Love

With a fast growing community of followers, Breathe In, Venture Out needed a site as an anchor to their community, with future plans to add travel reviews, community portal and store. Their current focus is growing YouTube subscriptions to their channel found as the main and repeated Call To Action on their homepage.

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